The Full Story

Area 2 is one of fifteen areas of the Montgomery Co. Democratic Committee. It is comprised of all the municipalities in the Upper Perkiomen School District that are in Montgomery County.

The Upper Perkiomen Valley is located in the the rural N.W. corner of Montgomery County. Our municipalities are Upper Hanover Township, Marlborough Township, and the boroughs of Red Hill, Pennsburg, E. Greenville and Green Lane.

We welcome all Democrats in the area to our organization, which meets the first Tuesday of each month. Our mission is to educate and engage our voters to support our core values: supporting public education; having affordable healthcare; earning a living wage; supporting Social Security, and respect and dignity for every citizen regardless of gender, race, religion, ethnicity or sexual identity.

Our political events include GOTV efforts, Voter Registration drives, and twice a year poll coverage. We have several "Friend Raiser" social events throughout the year as well, including a bowling and pot luck afternoon, and our yearly Ox Roast. Please join us!